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Why Inner City Voice for Dawah needs you to Donate to what we do!

Allah has sent down the solution to every human problem societies around the world, and down through the ages, have been suffering from. We have written and self-published a series of short books, about 35 pages each. They are entitled what Allah says about such things as Anger Management, Using Intoxicants, Racism, Marriage and Sex, and other relevant topics of importance in everyday life. We have highlighted the Qur’anic based, practical answers our readers need to successfully deal with the challenges of today. They include the Tafsir (explanation) of Allah’s guidance in American English, and we intend to give these books free of charge to prison inmates in Georgia and ultimately nationwide.

Your donation will also enable us to recruit, hire and train a coordinator to help inmates better understand how to study, and learn Allah’s Guidance. To accompany our book series we have developed a Teacher’s Manual to advise and counsel our readers on how to get the most benefit from our books. These Teacher’s Manual are provided for free to the Islamic section of prison libraries. These Teacher’s Manual are also designed to be used for at home study, in a workshop, seminar, or classroom.

We believe that our readers can expect that upon reading any of our booklets, they will be inspired to know, that Allah’s Guidance is a bounty and a mercy from the Almighty, all Knowing, all Hearing, all Seeing One, and that His mercy activates the heart and leads to inner peace. Inner peace is attained when ones life and events are given a God conscious meaning that satisfies, and connects the heart and mind. When a person becomes God conscious, he becomes fortified to love the truth and reject arrogance, and hypocrisy. The ultimate goal being, that God conscious persons will include the inspirational and instructive words of Allah and His Messenger, in any narrative that crops up from the whisperings of Satan. Thus reducing the urge to recidivate.

Donations to Inner City Voice for Dawah can be made in multiple ways, including online and by check:


Checks should be mailed to Inner City Voice for Dawah, Ltd, 3229 Goldenchain Dr., Lithonia, GA 30038. Please make checks payable to “Inner City Voice for Dawah.”

Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For federal tax purposes, Inner City Voice for Dawah FEIN # is: 85-2432753.

*General information about Inner City Voice for Dawah*

We are a non profit Georgia corporation, and our mission is to present a God-conscious lifestyle based on Allah’s Guidance. All our resources are available on our website at

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