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  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 21

    What Allah says about Jihad for Women!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Obeying the Husband is Equal to Jihad (struggle). There are many Islamic, legal texts indicating the greatness of the husband's right over his wife.

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 20

    What Allah says about Jesus Christ, the Messiah!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    There are 39 pages in this book. From his cradle to his ascension, Jesus harshly criticized the Saducee and Pharisee for their evil deeds.

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 19

    What Allah says about Marriage and Sex!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    There are 42 pages in this book. The definition of marriage varies around the world. Not only between cultures and religions, but also throughout the history of any given culture and religion.

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 18

    What Allah says about His Signs and Miracles!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Allah's Guidance Study Guide 18. Allah’s Guidance is the greatest need of mankind. This is a 37 page book of the Tafsir (Explanation) of verses regarding the truth of the story of Adam and Satan. Inner City Voice for Dawah introduces the lifestyle provided by Allah, the Creator, in the…

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 17

    What Allah says about this Life and Resurrection Day!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    The earthly results, of a man's actions, are often quite different, from the ones he will see in the Next Life. What is of true importance, is what will happen in that eternal life, rather than in this transient one. Satanic forces are based on making attractive promises and raising…

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 16

    What Allah says about the Islamic moral Code!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Without thinking, we teach our children that dishonesty is acceptable. When we instruct our children to tell the caller on the telephone we are not home, this is a lesson in deceit.

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 15

    What Allah says about the Hereafter!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    In the Hereafter, every person will be rewarded for his most minor offense, and no one will be left un-rewarded for a good, and unpunished for an evil done by him. Allah says: “But man desires to persist in his evil ways.”

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 14

    Allah has Created everything in Pairs!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Allah says: “And of everything We have created pairs; perhaps you will take heed.” [51 Az-Zariyat:49] That means, everything in the world has been created on the principle of the pairs.

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 13

    What Allah says about following the Holy Prophet (saws)!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Do we continue using the Satan inspired coping skills we learned from our past, such as getting angry, and acting crazy, or do we develop another level to our personality. Instead of pleasing our prior gods, we develop a new way of life that pleases Allah? The pages of the…

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 12

    What Allah says about Glorifying Allah!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    "To glorify Allah" means to proclaim Allah's being free from, and exalted above, the defects, faults and weaknesses, which the idol worshippers ascribe to Him due to their idolatry and denial of the Hereafter. The best form of expressing this is the Prayer.

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 11

    What Allah says about Anger Management and Using Intoxicants!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Although anger is a natural feeling it can have negative effects on those who allow it to control them, and adverse effects on those around them. Uncontrolled anger is one of the tools of Satan, and it can lead to many evils and tragedies.

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 10

    What Allah says about those who deny the Criterion!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    The Qur'an has been called Al-Furqan because it is the gauge for judging right and wrong, virtue and vice, truth and falsehood. Its purpose is to warn all mankind of the evil consequences of their heedlessness and change of gods. The warner may be AI-Furqan, or the Holy Prophet (saws)…

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 9

    What Allah says about the Wisdom of His Creation of Man!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    The stuff from which man has been created is nothing but a few dead substances, found in the earth. However, when they are combined a wonderful being, called man, has been raised up. Then, not only has just one man risen up, by mere ‘accident’, but in him has also…

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 8

    What Allah says about Spying, Backbiting and Slander!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    The unlawfulness of spying is not only applicable to individuals but also to the Islamic government. The duty of forbidding the people to do evil that the Shari`ah (Islamic Law) has entrusted to the government, does not require that it should establish a system of spying, to inquire too curiously,…

  • Allah’s Guidance Study Guide 7

    What Allah says about Racism!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Allah invites man to study the wisdom that underlies variety in the world. In fact, the whole system is based on a variety, and a range of things. For example take the case of the signs of day and night: "You see these opposite things daily in your life. If…

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 6

    What Allah says about the Islamic Nature of Mankind!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    This word "so" that begins these verses implies that when the reality has become clear to you, and you have come to know that none, but Allah, is the Creator, Master and Sovereign of this universe, and of man himself, then inevitably your conduct should be such as is indicated…