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  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 6

    What Allah says about the Islamic Nature of Mankind!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    This word "so" that begins these verses implies that when the reality has become clear to you, and you have come to know that none, but Allah, is the Creator, Master and Sovereign of this universe, and of man himself, then inevitably your conduct should be such as is indicated…

  • Allah’s Guidance Study Guide 5

    Why Allah Forbids Bullying!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Calling somebody a sinner or a hypocrite, or calling someone a lame or blind, or one-eyed, or giving him a nickname containing a reference to some defect or flaw in him/her, or his parents, or in his family, or giving such a nickname to a person, or a family, or…

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 4

    What Allah says about Believing Men and Women Restraining their Gaze!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    It is not lawful for a man to cast a full gaze at women except at his own wife, or the non-marriageable women of his family.

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 3

    What Allah says about Forcing people to be Muslim!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Contrary to what many believe, armed jihad (struggle) is not meant to force non-Muslims into Islam. There are many Qur’anic verses that order Muslims to live in peace with any peaceful people, whether Muslims or not.

  • Allah’s Guidance Study Guide 2

    What Allah says about Adam and Satan!
    by Karriem Shabazz

    We cannot fully grasp how man was created out of elements taken from the earth. Nor, how he was given a beautiful form, and how Allah’s Spirit was breathed into him.

  • Allah's Guidance Study Guide 1

    What Allah says about the Mischief-Makers!
    by Al-Haj Karriem el-Amin Shabazz

    Those who do not believe in the Qur'an have been called "mischief makers" because their rejection is not based on any sound reason, but on prejudice, and selfishness and because it prevents others from believing in it. Allah says He knows them very well because there is nothing that is…